John-Robin Bold (*1995 Hamburg, Germany) is an artist working in music, digital media, internet and installation art. His practice critiques the ongoing transformation of subjectivity, society and art through digital technologies, while simultaneously exploring their aesthetic potential. Utilising a wide array of practices such as sacred music, pop culture, classical guitar and modernism, John-Robin Bold offers unconventional views on contemporary culture from an untimely perspective.

In 2022, his first solo show SoundCloud Gazing: website-specific music was exhibited at /rosa (Zentrum für Netzkunst), Berlin. International group exhibitions include The New Art Fest, SYNNIKA, Ars Electronica, Spazju Kreattiv, Foundry Dubai and Galerie Obrist.  His untitled debut album was released on the revived Mille Plateaux label in 2020, followed by Demonstrations on Quanta Records, and collaborative albums we may be on the way (Bold/Cowling, Glenn Dancer Records) and Symposium musicum (Bold, Moretti & Khvyl, mappa). He performed at festivals and venues like ZKM, Golden Pudel Club, FUSE Art Space and Volksbühne, and his music was aired on BBC Radio 3, LYL Radio, Cashmere Radio, and Resonance FM among others. Bold frequently collaborates with like-minded artists such as Andy Cowling, Daniel Vier and Lukas Moritz Wegscheider. He resides between Manchester and Hamburg.